About The Event

“Research is the distance between an idea and its realization.”
And to bridge this gap, The Research and Innovation Affairs Council (RIAC) is proud to herald the inception of ‘COGNIZANCE 2019-20’, a project support scheme launched to garner and nourish the research instinct in students, right from the undergraduate level. The RIAC intends to stimulate the students’ caliber to innovate by extending support and financial aid to the new and innovative projects, facing a dearth of funds. It is rightly said, “Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act.” With COGNIZANCE, we aim to make you inveterate researchers and let the innovator in you shine perennially.
A brief description of the projects received
CargoEV- The resurgence of Electric Vehicles due to technological developments and an increased focus on renewable energy is the source of inspiration for this project. This project by Viraj Kesarwani and team has come up with a greener and cleaner alternative in the form of a unisex Electric bicycle capable of carrying cargo loads up to 30 kg. This vehicle, designed for delivery services, is a creative and innovative approach of basic engineering principles into the real world.

ChemRover- The rise in demand for energy and the burden on its conventional sources has made it necessary to find sustainable sources of energy. Following the same ideology, this project by Nidhi Patel and team proposes to design a chemically powered car that is capable of incorporating all the basic functions from starting of the vehicle and propagation to stopping using chemical, physical and thermodynamic energy changes only.

Viscometer- This model, by Shantanu Yawale and team, is a creative approach to Concentric cylinder viscometer or Couette Viscometer into developing an electronic viscometer for measuring the viscosity of Newtonian fluids. The proposed model uses ARDUINO UNO to perform the calculations digitally and calibrated, hence minimising the error in the proposed readings.

Aeromodelling- This project by Anirudh Manoj and team is aimed at designing and fabricating a fixed-wing model aircraft including features such as an effective payload drop on a prescribed area during dynamic flight and a system to govern the stability of the aircraft without an onboard gyroscope. This project is an impeccable application of various engineering concepts like fluid mechanics and machine dynamics amalgamated with crafting techniques like origami.

Line follower- This project by Atul Dhamija and team is a robotic model expected to follow a white line on a black surface and compete against other similar models. This model represents a perfect application of mechatronics, involving intricate design and coding to drive the model. It consists of a metallic chassis with an infrared sensor, ARDUINO UNO microcontroller, and motors for power.

Wearable Textile Antenna- This project by Nikita Mistry and Kashmira Ghom is based on a revolutionary concept, incorporating a wearable antenna as a part of clothing used to serve a variety of purposes such as tracking and navigation, mobile computing, public safety, telemedicine, and defence. It consists of a cotton-based substrate to absorb moisture, a radiating element called patch made of copper and the antenna’s base, also made of copper. Two patches have been designed in this model, a dual-band rectangular one and a hexagonal one, operating at different frequency ranges.

Robowars- This wireless combat robot by Adarsh Sunil and team is a lightweight model built to compete with similar models in the arena. This model is equipped with high- performance motors, a Vyper motor controller and a high carbon abrasion-resistant carbon weapon and displays precise coding and computer-aided analysis. This project has been lauded in IIT Bombay’s techfest, Sparsh 2019 (SVNIT) and CKP College, Surat.
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