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What is Research Scholars’ Portal?Research Scholars’ Portal is a website aimed at conveying the research activities of the students of SVNIT. The profiles of all B. Tech, M. Tech, MSc. and PhD students who’ve carried out research work are available in the website.
Who can upload their profiles?Students of SVNIT, enrolled in any of the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate courses can upload their profiles, stating the research work carried out by them.
What all information can be found in a profile?A researcher's profile enlists the details of the projects carried out or papers published by him/ her. It shall include: the project title, its authors, project type, the related branch, abstract and a link to the project/ paper, to view it in its entirety.
Who can view the profiles?Anyone can view the profiles by searching based on department or degree or research keywords and connect with a researcher working in the field of interest.
How can one register in the website?One can register using the college admission number (eg: u14meXXX) in the registration portal.
Can I add about my internship, in the project section of my profile?Yes, but only research internships (not industrial internship). All the students are advised to add about their research internships in the project section of your profile.
Can I add my final year project, in the project section of my profile?Yes, provided the project represents a research-based work.
Should I upload entire project/thesis report?The Research Scholars’ portal doesn’t provide any option to upload any such document. It is strictly advised not to share the complete project report anywhere online. Only the abstract of the work is to be provided while adding the project to your account.

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