About The Event

The Research and Innovation Affairs Council (RIAC) organized a workshop on the software FEAST on 15 & 16 February 2020. FEAST is a software based on finite element methods realized by ISRO, tailored for online design solutions and analysis, material handling equipment and much more. The two day workshop, in which around 25 students from pre final and final year mechanical engineering participated, was conducted by Mr. Aniket Bhelsaiker from SVR Infotech, Pune.

The first day of the workshop commenced with Dr. D. I. Lalwani (Associate Professor, MED) welcoming and felicitating Mr. Aniket. The participants were then briefed about the origin of the software FEAST, its features juxtaposed to similar software such as ANSYS, Hypermesh and NASTRAN and the user interface of FEAST. After getting acquainted to the software, the participants were guided to solve a variety of real life engineering problems. During the course of the two day workshop, the students learnt to create surfaces and volumes, node points and meshing, assigning material properties to the generated objects and further extrapolating this knowledge to solve and analyze effect of stresses on beams; free vibrations; motion of a crankshaft; buckling problems; steady state and transient convection heat transfer, etc. The workshop concluded with Dean R&C, Dr. A. A. Shaikh, addressing the participants and thanking Mr. Aniket for taking the time and efforts to impart knowledge about FEAST and helping students to develop their skill set.

In conclusion, the FEAST workshop proved to be fruitful for the participants as it gave an opportunity to simulate theoretical concepts studied in classrooms. Overall, it was a beneficial experience for all. The RIAC is grateful to Dean R&C for enthusiastically supporting the council to conduct this workshop and to Mr. Aniket Bhelsaiker for effectively providing a hands on experience of the software, FEAST. In future the council has planned to organize workshops on MATLAB, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & MACHINE LEARNING , SOLID WORKS etc.