The Message

Prof. S. R. Gandhi

I feel extremely elated to bring into my notice the activities carried out by the RIAC of our institute. They have always been very enthusiastic in doing their part of work. While there are the departments taking care of their respective research work, they carry out the same at an institute level, making all the programs and events very general which is worth appreciation. The magazine and the website are great initiatives taken. The magazine gives a glimpse of the research works carried out by some selected students while the website gives a complete information about the research done by all the students of the institute which I believe will act as a fuel for encouraging the upcoming batches, which is the most significant benefit among the other benefits. I take advantage of this in making a very strong point that research should be done with an aim, which is the whole point of doing it. This leads to new innovations and ideas sooner or later. And also its sustainability is very important. The legacy of this magazine started by the current RIAC is hoped to be continued by the upcoming council and also the website launched by them shall remain with updates each new year. In conclusion, I acknowledge such works carried out at the institute and in the future will continue to do so.