About The Event

Endeavouring to carve a trait of leaving a legacy.
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A selfless attempt to disseminate awareness amongst the students regarding the research internship possibilities. Purely aimed at fostering the research involvement of young talents. The Research Internship seminar is the event that kick-started the Research and Innovation Affairs Council activity in the academic year. The event was made possible by Dr. V.H.Pradhan, Dean Student Welfare and through the constant support of Dr. Chetan. M. Patel, faculty advisor of the Research and Innovation affairs Council. The event had speakers who have done internships and research in prestigious institutes in India and abroad. The information regarding writing Statement of Purpose, emailing professors and various internship opportunities were given in this programme. The event started after a small introductory talk by Dr. Chetan Patel, the faculty advisor. He was followed by Mr. Saravanan Ramesh who did an internship at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru in Summer 2018 and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras during Summer 2019. He shared his internship experience, the outcome of that internship and the environment when it comes to research.

The talk was further carried on by Mr. Darshit Patel who was a Mitacs scholar. He was selected as a Mitacs Globalink Research Intern to work on a Battery Thermal Management System in Summer 2019 at the University of Guelph, Canada. Mitacs is a nonprofit organization that designs programs to promote research in Canada with a collaboration with about 70 Universities in Canada. The selection for this program requires a minimum of 8 CGPA and a convincing research statement. He then went on to share his internship experience.

Then came in Ms. Pankti Shah who was a DAAD scholar and hence did her internship in Germany. She laid stress to the fact that one needs above 9 CGPA to have a chance of getting selected via DAAD. She further talked about the difference between doing an internship in India and that in Germany in terms of experience and lifestyle. She was taken over by Mr. Ramkumar Radhakrishnan, who had done his research internship at Jadavpur University in Summer 2019 where he published his research paper in the journal Modern Physics Letter A. He delivered the talk on the various internship opportunities available for students of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. He broke the nightmare of the audience regarding CGPA, research, and internships. He also explained the importance of choosing the right guide for theoretical studies and the right research centre for carrying out experimental studies.

Mr. Pratik Suthar also contributed to the seminar by speaking about 'Sansadiya Internship' in which one gets to do an internship in the Parliament of India. Finally, Mr. Ankul Prajapati gave a brief talk on the difficulties one faces while doing research and how to overcome those.